Collection: Hybrid Hearts

Meet the extraordinary men of the "Hybrid Hearts" series: genetically engineered for warfare but destined for love. Rescued from the clutches of destiny, these soldiers have been granted a second chance at life. But the question remains: how does the United States military plan to reinvent their future? They craft a unique solution—a hidden town, a world apart, with charming shops, and a crash course in new vocations. And who better to kick things off than a lion-man paired with an irresistible baker?

In "Hybrid Hearts," the battlefields of the past give way to a captivating new life filled with unexpected possibilities. As these hybrid heroes embrace their new identities, they discover that love, passion, and the sweet aroma of romance can be as irresistible as freshly baked bread.

Join us in this thrilling series, where transformation knows no bounds, where love blooms in the most unexpected places, and where the resilience of the human heart is put to the ultimate test. In "Hybrid Hearts," each installment promises a fresh, fiery romance that will leave you breathless and longing for more.