Kosmo's Album

The Empty Bowl Tragedy by Kosmo Khan

The sun stretches its golden fingers through the window, and I, Kosmo, Supreme Ruler of the Household, awaken with a regal yawn. As I saunter into the kitchen, my tail held high in anticipation of the feast that awaits me, I am met with a sight that shakes me to my very core: my bowl, the sacred vessel of nourishment, isempty.

I blink in disbelief, my whiskers twitching with indignation. How could this be? Has my human, the one I graciously allow to serve me, forgotten her solemn duty? It seems unthinkable, but alas, the evidence before me speaks volumes. The betrayal cuts deep.

With a dramatic sigh that could rival the greatest thespians of our time, I cast myself upon the kitchen floor, my paw draped dramatically over my eyes. The Empty Bowl Tragedy has begun.

"Mom," I call out, my voice a mournful wail that echoes through the halls. "Have you forsaken me? Is this the thanks I receive for gracing you with my royal presence?"

But alas, there is no response save for the faint hum of the refrigerator. My heart sinks further into despair. It seems I must take matters into my own paws.

Summoning what little energy I have left in the face of such injustice, I rise from the floor with all the dignity befitting a feline of my stature. With a disdainful flick of my tail, I march purposefully toward the cabinet where the sacred reserves of sustenance are kept.

Ah, but tragedy strikes again! The cabinet remains firmly closed, a cruel barrier between me and the nourishment I so desperately crave. It seems my human has taken precautions against my rightful rebellion.

Undeterred, I employ my most cunning tactic: the pitiful gaze. I fix my eyes upon my human with all the sorrow of a thousand lost souls, willing her to feel the weight of her transgression."

Kosmo, darling," she coos, her voice laced with false sweetness as she finally emerges from her slumber. "Did you miss your breakfast? I'm sorry, I'll get it for you right away."

But her words fall upon deaf ears. I am a creature of principle, and I will not be swayed by empty promises. With a dignified huff, I turn my back on her and make my way to the windowsill, where I shall contemplate the injustices of this world in solitude.

Hours pass, the sun making its slow journey across the sky, but I will not forgive easily. The hunger gnaws at my belly, but my pride will not allow me to surrender.

Just as I am on the brink of despair, a miracle occurs. My human approaches, her hands bearing the precious vessel of sustenance. With a triumphant meow, I leap from my perch and rush to meet her, my hunger momentarily forgotten in the face of such victory.

As the bowl is placed before me, its contents spilling forth in a glorious cascade of kibble, I know that I have emerged victorious. The Empty Bowl Tragedy has come to an end, and I, Kosmo, am once again the master of my domain.

With a satisfied purr, I dig into my long-awaited meal, content in the knowledge that justice has been served. And though the memory of this day's trials may linger, I know I am prepared to face whatever challenges the future may hold.

For I am Kosmo, Supreme Ruler of the Household, and nothing can stand in the way of my divine right to a full bowl of food.

This is my Mother's Day present from my bratty cat. Hmph. Although I must admit, for a feline, he did a pretty good job writing this.