Arixxia Fields 5-Audiobook bundle

Arixxia Fields 5-Audiobook bundle

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Brekk waited a lifetime to find his fated mate. When Isabella discovers his monstrous secret, will Halloween fun turn into her worst nightmare?

Taliz avoids people for a reason… his untamed predator. But when a stranded human arrives, can he restrain his inner beast before his monster decides she’s his prey?

Azari Phaedra escaped her least favorite Earth holiday, until the town's hunky mayor ropes her into planning the town's Valentine's Day bash. She's turning it into a 1920s St. Valentine’s Mob Fiasco instead of the usual chocolates-and-teddy-bear affair.

Verik I’m willing to take any job to pay the bills. The alternative, returning to Earth, is not an option.

Ozias Desperate human Selene agrees to be the Demon Prince's "wingwoman" on his urgent quest to find a suitable mate. Neither expected sparks to ignite or love to blossom in this sizzling cosmic adventure.


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