Collection: Mastered by the Zinn

Welcome to the enticing universe of 'Mastered by the Zinn,' a secret arrangement that's endured for centuries. The government's shadowy pact with the alien Zinn species allows for the abduction of human women in exchange for cutting-edge military technology. It's a clandestine game of risk and reward, desire and dominance.In Mastered by the Zinn, each installment presents a gripping tale of seduction and resistance, where passion ignites and love blooms in the most unexpected places. Follow these powerful Zinn males as they voyage across the universe in search of true love and meet the fierce human women who struggle to resist their irresistible allure.Experience the thrill of a trilogy that delves into the depths of submission and dominance, desire and destiny. These stories are crafted by Amazon bestselling and Pinnacle Award-winning author Alana Khan, and they guarantee a happily ever after. If you adore strong, dominant males and equally strong-willed human women, don't hesitate to embark on this sensual journey through the stars.Trope Alert: This series has strong themes of power exchange.