Collection: Treasured by the Zinn

Step into the captivating world of the 'Treasured by the Zinn' series, where an ancient treaty between the Zinn and the US government paves the way for a unique arrangement. Zinn males can choose a human female, whisk her away for a mesmerizing 14-day adventure, and then offer her a life-altering choice: remain with their Zinn mate or return to Earth with memories erased.

In this series, follow the enthralling odyssey of three Earth females as they embark on their Zinn male's Quest. With each installment, you'll witness a tapestry of desire, adventure, and a tantalizing choice that will redefine their destinies. These are stories of love, longing, and the extraordinary, where the bonds forged between species prove that true connection knows no boundaries.

As you dive into the 'Treasured by the Zinn' series, you'll experience the timeless allure of forbidden romance and the magnetic pull of otherworldly desire. Join us on this journey of discovery, passion, and transformation, where each Earth female faces the ultimate choice: to remain treasured or to return to the familiar, with their extraordinary encounters a secret locked in the recesses of their mind. Trope Alert: This series has themes of power exchange.