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Embers Ignite (OrcFire Book 2)

Embers Ignite (OrcFire Book 2)

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An Age-Gap, Second Chance Orc Firefighter Romance

The Others have been on Earth for 25 years, but I’d never met one until the huge orc Fire Chief landed in the ICU as my patient. He’s rude, snarly, and covered in tattoos. A girl would have to be out of her mind to want someone like him, right? I guess I’m out of my mind.

Actually, I’m 

It’s hard to see past his snarls to find the squishy guy he hides inside, but I do. One kiss leads to another, and before I know it, well, I discover he’s not snarly 
all the time.

Until he learns my secret. I never meant to hurt him, but now he won't have a thing to do with me.

Being dragged through the Rift and spit out onto this planet with nothing more than the clothes on my back wasn’t the worst thing in my life. Losing everyone and everything I’d ever cared about was far more crushing.

Tender Marissa with her courage, caring, and delicious curves is the perfect reason for me to let go of my past. Until I discover our relationship is built on a lie. How can I love a woman I will never be able to trust?

Enjoy this age-gap, second-chance romance as Brokka and Marissa battle people in both their worlds, risking everything they hold dear to be together.

Written by USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan.

No cheating or cliffhangers in this steamy romance. There’s phone s*x and much more for Marissa, who, it turns out, is a very good girl. Guaranteed love and happiness ever after.

For Readers 18+.

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