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Embers Spark: Full Length Novel OrcFire Series (FREE E-BOOK)

Embers Spark: Full Length Novel OrcFire Series (FREE E-BOOK)

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In a world divided by barbed-wire fences, their love defies all boundaries, igniting a passion that sets their worlds on fire.


From the moment he saw me, the handsome orc went into protection mode, even though I insisted I didn’t need his help. His piercing gaze and commanding touch awakened desires I never knew I possessed. And that long, black tongue? Well, let’s just say it defies the laws of physics.

In his arms, I find solace, protection, and a love that's thrilling yet forbidden. But as danger lurks in the shadows, I'm forced to confront a choice: safety or a love that sets my soul ablaze?


Raisa’s combination of fierce independence and vulnerability ignites an attraction that leaves me breathless and insatiable. Although our love is taboo, I'll battle man and orc alike to keep her safe.

Though our love defies the odds, together we're unstoppable.

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