Love Uncaged: An Earthbound Alien Romance (Cosmic Kissed) Audiobook Only

Love Uncaged: An Earthbound Alien Romance (Cosmic Kissed) Audiobook Only

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Sold, caged, and expected to mate, Zorn is furious at his captors. He certainly has no intention of falling in love.

Most men on Earth died ninety years ago. To preserve our population, authorities now allow aliens to mate with humans. Driven by a misguided need to provide me a mate, my mother buys a black market Draalian and locks me in with him hoping our chemistry will ignite. Didn’t she know I find his reptilian species repulsive? I don’t expect to enjoy his company. I definitely never dreamed I’d yearn for his touch.

When Annora helps me escape, I have no idea our lives will be in danger on our desperate cross-country chase. I can’t help being more hopelessly attracted with every mile we travel. It’s too bad I can’t stay.

Love Uncaged, written by Pinnacle Award winning, bestselling author, Alana Khan, is part of a collaboration of authors collectively known as Cosmic Kissed. Love Uncaged has no cheating, no cliffhangers, lots of steam, a marauding sexbot army, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Also by Alana Khan, 
Love on Impact depicts Zorn’s brother’s adventures as he crashes into love on Earth. Both books can be read in any order.

Publisher’s Note: There are sensual, graphic sex scenes throughout the book. Intended for readers 18+.
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