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The Challenge: (Galaxy Artificials Book 4)

The Challenge: (Galaxy Artificials Book 4)

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A Slow Burn, Warrior Protector, Forbidden Love, Stranded Science Fiction Robot Romance

When a determined woman and a rogue robot soldier crash on an alien planet, their love may be the key to their survival.


Stranded with only a damaged robot for company, I’m fighting to stay alive on a harsh planet where the landscape and its inhabitants are pitted against me. Nexxus, a robot with a surprising soft side, is my only hope of escape. But as we face unimaginable dangers, I discover underneath the metal lies a heart—one I’m falling in love with.


My programming dictates only survival and logic. But when I meet Ember, an enslaved human in peril, strange new desires awaken within my neural net. As we traverse nightmarish challenges, I no longer fight just to remain functional—but for an emotion my circuits can’t comprehend. Can Ember soften my cold metal heart?

Join Ember and Nexxus as they claw their way through a galaxy filled with deadly challenges. Fighting carnivorous plants and sadistic telepaths, their biggest battle might just be their impossible attraction to each other.

USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan promises no cheating or cliffhangers in this steamy romance. Gear up for a riveting odyssey filled with love and happiness ever after. For readers 18+.

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